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Review of For The Public Adjusters, Inc.



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Independent Public Insurance Adjusters

Providing Residential & Commercial Claim Help For Fire, Smoke, Hail, Wind, Water, Hurricane, Tornadoes, & Theft!

As if having a destructive homeowner's property claim or business claim that causes severe damage isn't enough, the second catastrophe can be dealing with your insurance company or the company adjuster. Most insurance claims can be very complex due to large amounts of property that is damaged.

For the most part your insurance company wants you to believe that they will live up to their end of the policy and pay for all property damages you have incurred. However, more and more policyholders are finding themselves fighting with insurance company representatives that act like the policyholder is trying to take "their personal money." However, there is really only one fact when it comes to any type of claim you have, it's not the adjusters money, or the insurance company's money, IT'S YOUR MONEY. You are entitled to the full "Amount of Loss," for the damages that your home or business has suffered.

One thing is clear, you should not and cannot fight a homeowners or business owners claim alone. Well, actually, you can. However, you shouldn't. Think about this for a minute.

  • The insurance company will send out a claims adjuster (a hired gun) that works for "them" to assess and value the property damage you have suffered.
  • "Their" adjuster will advise you on how much "they" owe for your claim. Or worse yet, how much "they" are willing to pay for the damage "you" have suffered.
  • How do you know if "they" are correct?
  • How do you know if "they" are missing items or purposely excluding others?

There sure are a lot of advantages on "their" side by sending a claims adjuster to your property.

Can You See How The Insurance Company Has Total Control Over You And How Much Your Claim Is Worth? Shouldn't You Have A Representative That
Assesses And Values The Property Damages
You Have Suffered As Well?

Does it seam logical that a person should enter into a legal matter without proper representation? It would be similar to asking the IRS to do your taxes. I don't believe any sane person would request such things. If that's the case, then why would you allow your insurance company value your claim?

It only makes sense, right? Would you want to be on trial for murder without an attorney? Would you want the jury who will be sentencing you to only here from the States Attorney or the victims attorney? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Can you see the problem and the conflict of interest that exists with a claims process that has only one claims adjuster that works for the insurance company? Who works for you, the policyholder, the homeowner, the business owner? In most cases... the unfortunate answer is that no one is there guiding and assisting the policyholder. The homeowner is left alone to handle the claim damages themselves. Or worse, most will simply rely on the insurance company adjuster's valuation of their loss. How do you know if the insurance company is paying all that your insurance policy allows? Do you know and understand everything in your policy? Do you understand your coverage and the convoluted language of the insurance policy? Do you understand all the cost for repairing or replacing your home or building?

The Insurance Company Has An Adjuster That Looks Out For Their Best Interests... You Should Too!
They Are Called"Public Adjusters".

Why is that important to you? Public Adjusters are advocates for the policyholder in valuating and negotiating a policyholder’s property insurance claim. Public adjusters are licensed by the Department of Insurance in most states. Basically, it's an Independent Adjuster that represents the "public" (you). A Public Adjuster is the only type of adjuster that can legally represent a policyholder's rights during the insurance claim process.

The policyholder is a homeowner, business owner, or a renter who has insured their property in the event that the property is damaged from a sudden event. Fire damage claims, smoke damage, a hail or windstorm, lightning, a busted pipe or water heater that causes water damage, damages from vandals or theft, and of course hurricane damage and tornado damage are all sudden events that are covered by your insurance policy.

Again, why would anyone want an adjuster that is employed by their insurance company to be the only voice in how much it would cost to repair the damages to their property? That is so one sided it should be illegal. Even in a court of law there are attorneys, witnesses and experts that represent each side. As you can see, there is a clear distinction between the "Insurance Company Adjuster", who works on behalf of an insurance company, and a “Public Adjuster" who works on behalf of the policyholder… YOU!

Insurance Companies Want It This Way! They Know That Your Inexperience Will Save Them Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars By Minimizing Your Claim

In fact, insurance companies do not want anyone representing you. It is a known fact that having an Independent Public Insurance Adjuster that works for you, will increase your claim proceeds by 747%. A study conducted by the "Office Of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA)" stated the following:

Private Adjusters for the public can increase claim proceeds by 747% or more.

Can you really afford to give up an additional
300% to 800% in claim proceeds by dealing with the insurance company by yourself?

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At the very least speak to someone and get some claim advice. It doesn't cost anything to speak with someone. If you already have a claim in progress, we will review your claim at no cost so you know where you stand. Have your property claim damage questions answered as well. No cost, No sales pitch, No pressure, Just Answers.

Call 919-400-6440 To Speak With
A State Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster Who Will Answer All Your Claim Questions.
Get The Answers You Need and Educate Yourself On How To Make An Informed Educated Decision On What To Do Next.

(Or fill out the form to your right)

The most important thing is to not go it alone. Don't take our word for it. Visit our Customer Reviews page to see how others feel about hiring For The Public Adjusters, Inc to represent them against their insurance company. If you wish to speak with any of them, we will provide their contact information upon request after you fill out the form here. claim form

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