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Tornado Damage And What Is Covered By Insurance Policy

Policyholders who suffer property damage from tornadoes shouldn't fear if the words "Tornado Damage" does not appear in their homeowners' or businessowners' insurance policy. The word “tornado” does not exist in most insurance policies. However, what does exist is the...

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Greensboro Tornado Insurance Claim Advice Help Assistance

Greensboro Tornado Insurance Claim - North Carolina: Shocking tornadoes trigger apparent physical and "visible" damage. Even so, most of these tornadoes result in considerable "hidden" problems as well. In both instances, policyholders could find themselves in a...

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Fire Claim Policyholder Burned By Insurance Process

Insurance Companies Require Written Inventory From Fire Claim Victims' Burned Homes The insurance company may only payout 30% of your fire claim damage when you have a total loss fire? How can that be? See this story from ABC News: [arve...

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