As if having a destructive homeowner’s property claim or business claim that causes severe damage isn’t enough, the second catastrophe can be dealing with your insurance company or the insurance adjuster. Most insurance claims can be very complex due to the large amounts of property that is damaged.

For the most part, your insurance company wants you to believe that they will live up to their end of the policy and pay for all property damages you have incurred. However, more and more policyholders are finding themselves fighting with insurance company representatives that act like the policyholder is trying to take “their personal money.” However, there is really only one fact when it comes to any type of claim you have, it’s not the adjusters money, or the insurance company’s money, IT’S YOUR MONEY. You are entitled to the full “Amount of Loss,” for the damages that your home or business has suffered.

One thing is clear, you should not and cannot fight a homeowners or business owners claim alone. Well, actually, you can. However, you shouldn’t. Think about this for a minute.

  • The insurance company will send out a claims adjuster (a hired gun) that works for “them” to assess and value the property damage you have suffered.
  • “Their” adjuster will advise you on how much “they” owe for your claim. Or worse yet, how much “they” are willing to pay for the damage “you” have suffered.
  • How do you know if “they” are correct?
  • How do you know if “they” are missing items or purposely excluding others?

There sure are a lot of advantages on “their” side by sending a claims adjuster to your property.