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We are Public Insurance Adjusters. Why is that important to you? As public claim adjusters, we are advocates for the policyholder in evaluating and negotiating a policyholder’s insurance claim. Public adjusters are licensed by state departments of insurance and are the only type of adjuster that is licensed by the state to legally represent the rights of a policyholder during the insurance claim process.

A definition as outlined on Wikipedia of the types of insurance adjusters is as follows, “There are three classes of insurance claims adjusters: staff adjusters (employed by an insurance company or self-insured entity), independent adjusters (independent contractors hired by the insurance company) and public adjusters (employed by the policyholder). “Company” or “independent” adjusters can only legally represent the rights of an insurance company.”

Why would anyone want an adjuster that is employed by their insurance company be the only voice in how much it would cost to repair the damages to their property? That would be like being on trial for murder and having no lawyer to defend you. As you can see, there is a clear distinction between a “company” adjuster, who works on behalf of an insurance company, and a “public” adjuster who works on behalf of a policyholder… YOU.

Kayla Brady: President

After several years of assisting insurance claim adjusters during large claim events like Hurricane Katrina, Wilma, Rita, and Ike, as well as thousands of daily claims, Kayla considered becoming a licensed insurance claims adjuster in North Carolina. After discussing the idea with many colleagues and insurance company adjusters, it was recommended that she would most likely be happier assisting the insureds as a Public Adjuster. “I always had a passion for helping others, worked part-time with animals, and was always happy to lend a helping hand. So, this plan, although not considered originally, just felt right,” says Brady.

Kayla decided to rally the best group of professionals she could find to join her in her new Public Adjusting career. She had the awareness and humility to know that one person’s knowledge is not enough to calculate and present claims to insurance carriers alone. With so many types of claim damages that affect policyholders, she sought experts like fire damage restorers, water and mold damage professionals, engineers with expert hail, wind, and roof damage experience, independent insurance appraisers, appraisal umpires, and attorneys.

With such a group available to Mrs. Brady, she established For The Public Adjusters, Inc. in 2012. Kayla works in the office running the company and uses her staff of insurance adjusters and list of experts in the various fields mentioned to provide the PAs and clients with the best experts needed for their particular type of claim and the issues that arise.

Dwight E. Short: Public Adjuster

Dwight received his NC Public Adjuster license in 2013 and joined For The Public Adjusters in 2015.

As a Volunteer Firefighter, Dwight has witnessed the physical devastation of many structure fires. Although, it wasn’t until May of 2013 after he and his wife had a catastrophic fire at their business property, he experienced first-hand the complexities of settling a large insurance claim. In a recent interview with a fire victim, Dwight shared the details of his fire loss and what motivated him to become a Public Adjuster.

“My parents started a printshop there in the 1958, I grew up in that building, literally learned how to walk on those floors. I took over the printshop in 1985 after my father’s passing, expanded to a new location and built the company into a multi-million dollar business that I sold to my employees in 2006. My wife and I kept the original building which we had upgraded and converted into rental space. We ran our real estate investment and construction business there as well. The morning of our fire she and I had been out on a call with our volunteer fire department. We had just returned home and were getting ready to go back to bed when I got the phone call that our building was on fire. It’s pretty tough standing and watching what’s yours engulfed in flames. Nothing can ever prepare you for that, not even firefighting. I’m grateful there were no civilian or firefighter injuries that morning, it certainly could have been a worse situation. Buildings can be rebuilt and belongings can be replaced.

We were insured so I had some comfort in that fact. We never thought this (a fire) would happen to us. Our initial expectation was we’re insured, so our provider will step up and we’ll be taken care. Unfortunately, that was not the case and we sought the expertise of a Public Adjuster to assist us with our claim. I learned quickly the intricacies of the insurance policy, the fine print and legal language. Policies are not consumer friendly and many times policyholders have no idea the amount of, or lack of coverage they have.

The most important thing I learned early on after our fire was that it’s up to the policyholder/consumer to prove the extent of their loss, not the insurance company or the insurance adjuster. Most fire victims I talk to are not aware of this fact. I remember the look on my wife’s face when we were told WE had to prove the loss. It was look of shock and horror. While she had over 20 years experience in the construction field, as well as having previously worked for a national restoration company on contents inventories and structure repairs, we knew a loss this large was something we couldn’t handle on our own. There was no way we could get this done in a timely manner and continue with our day-to-day life, work, and rebuild post-loss.

I can honestly say that hiring a Public Adjuster was the best decision we made. I’m certain without the PA our claim would not have closed as quickly, nor would we have received a fair settlement. That fire changed our lives forever, it was truly a dark cloud that hung over us for the better part of 2 years. My wife and I really wanted something good to come from that negative event, that’s what lead me to get my Public Adjuster’s license. It’s like the story of the phoenix rising from the flames, renewed and strong… This is my way of giving back and helping others who are experiencing the emotional, physical, and financial stress of a devastating loss.”

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