1. Greensboro Tornado Insurance Claim Advice Help Assistance

    Greensboro Tornado Insurance Claim - North Carolina: Shocking tornadoes trigger apparent physical and "visible" damage. Even so, most of these tornadoes result in considerable "hidden" problems as well. In both instances, policyholders could find themselves in a dispute with their insurance company over the damage. This will also include a dispute about the sum of money required to finish the claim repairs. Recently, Greensboro, North Carolina suffered terrible damage on 4/18/2018. Prayers go out to the residents who lost family members, loved ones, and animals because of the incident. Throughout a television interview even an insurance company adjuster advised that much of the insurance loss  damages as a result of tornadoes and tornadic …Read More

  2. Storm Damage Claims Issues Hurricane Irma Victims Still Waiting On Insurance

    Storm Damage Claim Help NC: Be it wind damage, hail, tornadoes, or hurricane damage to your home - insurance companies just don't want to pay what you are entitled to. We have been explaining this to policyholders for years. Here is two additional policyholder stories by Wink News showing how unreasonable and thoughtless insurance carriers really are. Don't be a victim of their delay, deny, defend game. Get answers to your storm damage claim questions at NO COST. 919-400-6440 After Hurricane Irma homeowners struggle with damage, collecting from insurance [arve url="https://youtu.be/Ybv-LhnJ9wI" title="Storm Damage Claim Help" /] Holes in the roof, mold and water damage in the walls, and homes left unlivable are some of the issues still pla…Read More

  3. SEVERE FLOODING to Continue Throughout Week From OHIO To TEXAS

    Torrential rains from today, Sunday 2/18/18, through Thursday 2/22/18 is expected to flood many states from Cleveland Ohio to Houston Texas. AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams reports, "Some locations have already received, or will receive, more than a month's worth of rain from a single storm," AP PHOTO - Steve Helber:  Mark Bowes, of White Sulphur Springs West VA., makes his way to the road as he cleans up from severe flooding. A deluge of 9 inches of rain on parts of West Virginia destroyed or damaged more than 100 homes and knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses so far. See the full story below from Accuweather. By Alex Sosnowski, AccuWeather senior meteorologist February 18, 2018, 8:43:39 AM EST [ar…Read More

  4. Can A Public Adjuster Obtain Higher Compensation For Property Damage Claim

    Insurers In General Will Always Try To Outwit You And Low-Ball Your Damage Claim There is a perception that most insurers try to outwit and outsmart their clients during the damage claim process. At the time of settlement from serious property damage claims like fire, a broken water pipe, or heavy  storms, carries will attempt to pay out as little as possible. Most would agree that there is at least some degree of truth in this perception. Arriving at an amount objectively can be very difficult. Especially when there is no immediate precedent or a basis for arriving at the figures. Relative inexperience, lack of time, fear of having to settle the case in court in case the insurer refuses to budge and prolonging the whole process, among oth…Read More

  5. Fire Claim Policyholder Burned By Insurance Process

    Insurance Companies Require Written Inventory From Fire Claim Victims' Burned Homes The insurance company may only payout 30% of your fire claim damage when you have a total loss fire? How can that be? See this story from ABC News: [arve url="https://youtu.be/Egxm_gWCDq0" title="Fire Claim Insurance Process" description="Fire Claim Insurance Process" /] When the overnight firestorm raged through Santa Rosa in October, nothing in the three-bedroom house at 1445 Starview Court survived. “Nothing,” said homeowner Holly Webb. “It’s all gone.” And so, Webb was stunned when State Farm told her that getting the full $237,000 listed on her insurance policy for the fire claim contents of her home will require a written inventory of everyth…Read More

  6. Top Rated Public Adjuster Reviews Receives 94.9% Rating Score For NC Claim Help

    For The Public adjusters, Inc. of NC receives highest Public Adjuster Ratings for Public Adjuster Reviews from Top Rated Local. A search conducted through Top Rated Local's Score Checker shows For The Public adjusters, Inc. of NC has an overall average Review Rating of 4.9%. This average is very high considering the average is from a whopping 69 online reviews (at the time of the review conducted in Jan 2018). The Score Checker produces an overall score for the business based on how many online reviews it has (in this case public adjuster reviews) and the average of those reviews. Top Rated Local gives For The Public Adjusters, Inc. an overall Online Reputation Score of 94.9% (Review Actual Score on TopRatedLocal.com) For The Public Adjuste…Read More

  7. Independent Public Adjuster Secures $330,100 Increase Over Fire Damage Claim

    A historic home, insured for $674,000 was destroyed by a large fire. The owner of the house hired his daughter to act as his attorney. For more than a year, the attorney was kept waiting with little progress. After much frustration, the owner's daughter decided to hire an Independent Public Adjuster. The Independent Public Adjuster was hired to ensure that there was a proper valuation of the loss. The adjuster's job was to collect all available proceeds due on the claim. Independent Public Adjuster Proves Carrier Valuation Flaws From the start, there was a disagreement between the policyholder and the insurance company adjuster regarding the proper valuation of the fire damage. The first disagreement was over the costs to rebuild the custom…Read More

  8. Private Adjuster In NC Increases Business Claim Settlement By $136k

    Private Adjuster, NC:  A windstorm can bring about widespread damage. Unfortunately, one coastal hotel learned the hard way that their second issue would be dealing with their insurance company. The Best Western Hotel suffered extensive damage to the roof, from Northeastern windstorm. In addition to the roof, there were nine to twelve rooms inside the hotel that were affected. Breaches in the roof caused significant interior damages as well. It wasn’t long before the damage started affecting the business. The owners knew they had to get the hotel back in shape, quickly. However, after the first meeting with the insurance company adjuster, the owners of the hotel quickly realized that they needed assistance. They felt they had no choice b…Read More

  9. Benefits of Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster

    Property damage, large or small, has always been a stressful one for homeowners. In addition to the stress of the damage incurred, there is the trouble of with your insurance company adjuster, which can make the stress even more difficult. In most cases, especially with larger claims, it's a good idea to consider the services of a public insurance adjuster. Why Consider Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster A skilled public insurance adjuster makes sure that your property damage claim does not end up becoming critical or uncertain. Moreover, they also take the effort to provide a concise explanation of what your policy covers and what you truly deserve as compensation. They also use detailed research and documentation of the damage incurred t…Read More

  10. Bad Faith Lawsuit Against Allstate Insurance Upheld

    Insurance Bad Faith: Yet another story about how insurance companies attempt to bully people and under pay claims. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has affirmed a decision by the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California denying Allstate Indemnity Company’s motion for judgment as a matter of law (JMOL) and motion for new trial after a jury found Allstate guilty of bad faith refusal to settle under California law and awarded Carlos Madrigal, Richard Tang, and Anna Tang approximately $14 million in damages — plus interest. Allstate had a "reasonable opportunity" to settle The circuit court rejected Allstate’s contention that it was entitled to JMOL on the bad faith claim notwithstanding its rejection of …Read More