Hurricane Claim Help For NC Residential & Commercial Policyholders!

Hurricanes and tropical storms can spread devastation throughout North Carolina (NC). The aftermath of such a terrible event leaves you afraid and frustrated. You are vulnerable, and you find yourself on an unfamiliar playing field; dealing with an unfair insurance company holding the money you need and acting like your claim proceeds is personal money being paid from their personal bank account.

Hurricane Damage Claims

It is not unusual for property insurance companies to wrongfully deny claims, or fail to adequately and promptly pay for the damage to a house or building after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or smaller storm. They say your damage is caused by flood or storm surge, and it is not covered by your insurance policy. They give you unfairly low estimates to repair your damages. These insurance companies fail to properly pay for damages to your house or building, personal property and other coverage for which you have paid premiums, sometimes for many years.

Fortunately, North Carolina (NC) laws provide excellent protection for consumers when they are treated unfairly. For The Public Adjusters, Inc. is committed to aggressively represent clients who have been treated unfairly by big insurance companies throughout North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC) and Virginia (VA).

The For The Public Adjusters team will assemble its team of knowledgeable adjusters, experts, engineers and contractors, who will provide a second opinion as to what the insurance company claims is the cause, extent and cost to repair the damage to your property. Additionally, when needed, we will work with certified industrial hygienists and licensed re-mediators who detect and identify toxic mold and asbestos. We know which questions to ask and which documents to request from insurance companies. We don’t let insurance companies bully us or play games because we know the rules. Our proven track record, experience and know-how combined with our WIN FOR YOU attitude, is what is needed to avoid the conflict when an insurance company adjuster represents both sides of the claim.

What is a public insurance adjuster in NC, SC and VA?

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